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Journeys on the Wind

Whilst seabirds are the stars of the show during the summer months, Flamborough Head is also a key location for migratory birds on their mammoth journeys during spring and autumn.

It’s position on the North Sea coast means that Flamborough Head is often the first place birds from the continent make landfall, and it offers important fuel and shelter to a wide range of species.

Since the early 1970’s enthusiasts have been studiously watching and recording the movement of birds across the headland; completing dawn to dusk observations and spending hours on the freezing cliff top counting birds as they pass by the Head.  In 2000, the Flamborough Bird Observatory was formed, joining it’s neighbours at Spurn and Filey Brigg.  The Yorkshire coast is unique in playing host to three accredited bird observatories within a single area; demonstrating the importance of this stretch of coastline to our wildlife.

The Journeys on the Wind Storyboard, located at the Seawatch Observatory near to the Lighthouse, details the migration story and explains how bird ringing can help us to understand more about these incredible feats of endurance.

© Chrys Mellor

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