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Where it all started

The YMNP was established in 2021 following a successful development project supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.  The Partnership focusses on enabling more collaborative working across the region for the benefit of Yorkshire’s unique and diverse marine environment.

The YMNP’s main areas of focus are the seas, coastline and hinterland from Staithes in North Yorkshire to Spurn Point in East Yorkshire, out to 12 nautical miles.  A wider area, which includes the neighbouring Cleveland coast, the offshore area and the Humber Estuary, is also relevant to the YMNP’s work.  The Partnership works closely with adjacent coastal and estuarine organisations to ensure cohesive action, reduce the risk of duplication and promote collaboration.


The YMNP’s overarching ambition is to generate a change in the way people view and use Yorkshire’s marine and coastal environment, and enable our unique ecosystem to thrive.

Moving away from isolated pockets of interest, disconnected from wider society, towards a rich seascape which is recognised as an integral part of our history, economy, and the region’s sustainable future.

What does the YMNP do?

As Yorkshire’s coastal partnership we celebrate our unique seascape and manage the diverse coastline, we work together to discover the intrinsic value and importance of our natural resources, and we collaborate to share knowledge, ideas and skills across the region.

Over the next five years (2021 – 2026) the YMNP will work towards realising five ambitions for Yorkshire’s marine and coastal environment, through a number of identified priorities.  This work will lead to multiple benefits for partners and the environment including improved management of MPAs; more consistency in the implementation of relevant regional environmental policies and; greater engagement from businesses and industry in long-term management of our marine ecosystems.

The YMNP offers partners an opportunity to work towards a collective vision which would not be realistically achievable by individual organisations.  Working alone, organisations would be required to establish other methods of implementing policy, addressing complex environmental issues, engaging with the public and, developing effective management actions.  To this end, the YMNP provides a suite of services to partners in order to enable, encourage, lead on and implement long-term benefits for Yorkshire’s coastal communities, economy and ecosystems.

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Who is engaged in the YMNP?

The YMNP enjoys active support and engagement from a board range of organisations, some of which include:
  • Local authorities
  • Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies and government agencies
  • Environmental regulation and management organisations
  • Conservation organisations and non-governmental organisations
  • Universities and academic/research institutions
  • Harbour commissioners
  • Regional environmental and economic partnerships
  • Heritage organisations
  • Tourism bodies
  • Business and industry representatives

How is the YMNP managed?

The Partnership is led by an Executive Board which ensures that we are consistently and effectively working towards our ambitions and priorities. Decisions made by the Executive Board are supported and informed by a number of working groups, which explore particular topics, themes or projects with a wide range of partners. The Partnership also benefits from an Advisory Panel which is made up of experts from across the sectors, offering specific advice and expertise on issues or projects as necessary.

The YMNP hosts and facilitates Yorkshire’s Marine Protected Area Management Group; a sub-group of the Partnership which is focussed on securing the appropriate management of our marine protected areas (MPAs). This group is autonomous from the Executive Board, reflecting its statutory nature, but is intrinsically linked with the wider work of the Partnership.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council hosts the Partnership’s two officers, who work to facilitate, support, develop and enhance the YMNP’s activities.

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