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The YMNP works closely with a range of organisations, networks and other partnerships. We provide a suite of services to our partners, which helps to build regional capacity and work towards our shared objectives.

We’re also able to provide services to wider stakeholders through facilitating engagement and discussions, offering local knowledge, supporting projects and sharing our marine and coastal expertise.  If you’ve got an opportunity that you would like to discuss with the YMNP, please drop us an email [email protected].

Connect & collaborate

We enable better cross-sector cohesion across the marine and coastal environment, and develop a more consistent approach to policy interpretation and implementation.

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Provide advice & expertise

We share information, skills and expertise, ensuring that relevant data and local knowledge are utilised to secure effective environmental action.

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Build capacity & knowledge

We provide partners with the tools and confidence to successfully apply new and existing policies, seek innovative solutions to challenges and, advocate for sustainability.

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Develop & manage projects

We undertake new collaborative projects to fill knowledge gaps and enhance our natural resources; providing a strategic overview and driving forward progress.

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Secure new opportunities

We utilise the expertise, skills and knowledge within the partnership to seek new opportunities for the coast and secures resources to support our ambitions.

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