Recovering our Seascape Ecosystem (RoSE)

© Heather Davison-Smith
The Recovering our Seascape Ecosystem (RoSE) project allowed the YMNP to actively engage in the development of regional Local Nature Recovery Strategies and advocate for the inclusion of marine environments.

Supported by the North York Moors National Park Trust and with funding from the Championing Coastal Coordination fund, the YMNP has played an active role in the development of the North Yorkshire and York LNRS and the Hull and East Yorkshire LNRS.

Through this engagement, both regions have agreed to include the marine area (out to 12nm) in the strategies.  This voluntary extension highlights the importance of the marine environment to all aspects of our society and the intrinsic connectivity between the land, coast and sea.

What is a Local Nature Recovery Strategy?

The RoSE project had three separate but interlinked workstreams:

  • Provide advice and guidance on coastal and marine ecosystems to the regional LNRS development process through active engagement with stakeholders, local experts and the general public;
  • Identify data challenges and evidence gaps, to inform both the LNRS process and future YMNP projects;
  • Build awareness and knowledge of the importance of Yorkshire’s coastal and marine ecosystems via a series of non-technical animations.

Through this process, the YMNP has been able to recommend specific coastal and marine nature recovery opportunities to each of the region’s LNRS development teams.  The draft strategies are expected to be shared for consultation in 2025 – watch this space!

Watch our brand new animations below!

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With thanks to our project partners and funders