Ecological Enhancement Projects

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Coastal ecological enhancement projects around the UK

Many organisations and partnerships have been exploring how to improve habitat availability on their coastal infrastructure in recent years.  Designs, skills and techniques are evolving all the time as we learn more about how intertidal species colonise new sites and how new structures can be built with nature recovery in mind.

Runswick Bay

On the North Yorkshire coast, an innovative and award-winning scheme for ecological enhancements was developed for the new rock defences at Runswick Bay.  This project has successfully increased species richness and diversity on the rock armour.

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Runswick Bay Enhancements
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Solent Estuary

On the south coast, Vertipools were used to provide additional rock pool habitat on sheer walls around the Solent Estuary.  Other methods of improving biodiversity, such as artificial reefs, have also been trialled.

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Solent Enhancements
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Ecostructure Project

The EU-funded Ecostructure project explored eco-engineering solutions to climate change adaptation in the coastal environment.  The project explored how different designs could support biodiversity and have positive impacts for coastal communities.

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Ecostructure Project
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